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Established in 1997, AMC CHILD CARE CENTER is designed to provide a learning environment for children who are 18 months to 12 years old.

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Our Services

At AMC CHILD CARE CENTER, we accompany your kids through the most critical period of human growth – early childhood.

Committed to offering a unique experience for both parents and children, our services include:

  • Day care
  • Child care
  • Pre-kindergarten
  • Kindergarten
  • Summer camp

With skills drawn over years of experience, our educators promote the creativity, individuality, and self-confidence of children.

Our goal is to provide parents with comprehensive child care solutions and peace of mind! Contact us today.

We promote the creativity, individuality, and self-confidence of children.

Day Care Center
Childcare Center

Mission Statement

AMC's mission is to be a catalyst for the economic, academic, social, and moral growth in the community. By instituting innovative ways to care for ourchildren and youth, AMC intends to empower participating families with the skills that will assist them as they forge into the new millennium. AMC is dedicated to being in partnership with families in shaping their social values. AMC will provide experiential and culturally sensitive curricula. We will promote activities that foster the child's growth and the development of moral and intellectual AUTONOMY, with and environment that values DIVERSITY and PEACE.


We are lincensed. Our Child Care/ Day Care center has been licensed to provide childcare by Office of Child and Family Services and Department of Social Services for over 20 years! Our license permits us to care for children in Roosevelt, Freeport, Baldwin, Uniondale and its surrounding areas that includes children 18 months - 12 years of age. 

Our dedicated staff provides a loving environment enriched with learning and enthusiasm. 

We look forward to serving the needs of your child while helping you make the transition from home to child care.

" It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." - Frederick Douglass

Why Choose Us?

  • Warm and friendly environment
  • Flexible programs
  • Varied and stimulating activities
  • Years of experience
  • Skilled educators
  • Child-centered approach

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