Pre-Kindergarten in Roosevelt

AMC CHILD CARE CENTER aims to provide the highest quality childcare services under the supervision of reliable" and qualified educators.

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Flexible and Tailored Pre-Kindergarten Programs

Need a pre-kindergarten where your child can thrive with dedicated educators? Contact AMC CHILD CARE CENTER today!

Combining our years of experience with qualified skills, we provide children with care programs that are fun, safe, and nurturing.

Our programs are flexible and tailored to meet your child’s requirement.

We provide care programs that are fun, safe, and nurturing.

Pre-Kindergarten Roosevelt
Pre-Kindergarten Nassau county

Highly Qualified and Skilled Team

At AMC CHILD CARE CENTER, we help children develop their vital skills and get off to the best possible start in life.

Combining years of experience with a child-centered approach, our highly qualified and skilled team provides the necessary support to lead children to care for themselves and one other!

Our primary concern is always the well-being, happiness, and holistic development of each individual child. Contact us today!

We help children develop their vital skills.

Why Choose Us?

  • Years of experience
  • Quality care services
  • Atmosphere of trust
  • Encouraging a child’s natural curiosity

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